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You are the light at the end of the tunnel - Part II

We are distracted long before we enter our “dark tunnel” seasons. We have things that we didn’t accept or deal with before - so we run. I ran from things that I couldn’t face sober – the truth of who and how I am, my failures, insecurities, and life. I ran right into the arms of alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes. And, wait! Let me take a breath so I can get spiritually naked. Whew. Ok. I ran into the arms of sex. These things became my go-to fixers.

We keep walking "distracted" without dealing with our emotions or cares. We fail to see how alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and sex affect us. We are just temporarily adding reckless things that we think will make us feel better. These things only add to that extra layer of deception in a non-acceptance part of the “dark tunnel” season of life.

In our self-deceived minds, we are getting better, and we think we are good because we have chosen not to deal with the actual realities of our life. We can see very little or no purpose.

Life goes on. Then...BOOM! Rocks, bricks, and mountains started falling down around you. You start trying to figure out what the hell is going on. You feel that things are not going right - when actually they never were. So you take those rocks, bricks, and mountains, and you begin to build a fortress around your life. You are isolating yourself and keeping others out and away.

You pray hard! You pray so hard for a miracle and a quick change to help you get through this hard time. You did, by the grace of God. We don’t realize when going through challenging times that every day that we survive is a day that He gave us a miracle.

Every day that we don’t give up is a day that He helped us get through. Sometimes we are so victim-minded that we miss that God was protecting and alongside us the whole time - we just didn’t take time to pay attention to the signs.

Look for him. Let him lead and you and decide to follow without thinking twice.

It was not easy and sometimes scary - but if I can do it, you can too! Be encouraged by my journey and embrace your new beginning. I embrace, appreciate, and participate in regular therapy sessions that help me to evolve on my new journey where every day - joy comes in the morning!

Don't walk in my shoes - sit in my chair - allow my journey to transform you!

Until next time, I'll see yall later! Love, Peace & Laughter!

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