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Danquisha "Danni" Bates

Founder, CEO

Fighting your darkness is not easy but it is necessary.

Life, no matter how dark or hard-pressed you hold the key

to becoming the most "purposed you" possible.

I see you!  I hear you!


The Purposed You!

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Dark, relentless and life-destroying feelings can eat away at the very foundation of your sense of self, and incapacitate your ability to lead the life you want. How you react or respond to challenging situations also reveals a lot about the manner in which you live your life. Do you live it with responsibility and courage or disdain and self-doubt? The transformation is real.

Self Check - The Purposed You!

~Book Release Coming Soon~

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“Hey you! Being a survivor doesn't mean being strong - it's telling people when you need a meal or a ride, some company, or just a listening ear. Whatever. It's paying attention to your heart's scream and allowing the light to open the lock that's holding it hostage. You don't have to live a role. You were made for more. Let's get you to a divinely, unique and authentic life. You desire and you darn well deserve to have something to contribute to this world. Finding time to love and laugh is your responsibility - even when it hurts.  All these things are qualities of survivors and just like me -

you too can become the most

Purposed You."

My name is "Danni" - and I see you! 

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